Darks Promotions for October of 2019

  • Alright so you guys already know i haven't been so active as of lately. i probably don't have a right to speak as for promotions for members or officers but i would like to still put out my opinion.

    Officers for promotion:

    Kcal- he is always online most of the time he plays sc2 alot and loves playing and talking with other members and just is a cool person. he is always trying to better the clan with positivity and if he makes a mistake he usually is very regretful/sorry almost instantly after and apologizes even if his mistakes are the simplest.

    Members for promotion:

    shxdow- he is a very funny and bright person and is always in #spam-and-nsfw sending his memes and or pictures. he is always trying to make someone laugh and brighten peoples days up. he is a very cool person to hang out with if you don't mind a little joke here and there. i have not seen him play sc2 yet but that may be because of my absence.

    I'm sorry i Cant make anymore recommendations since i haven't been here in quite the while. hopefully i can make a return very soon.