Testa's Recommendation for Promotions October 2019

  • Testa's Recommendations For Promotions October 2019

    Members - Officers - please post your recommendations for promotions as well. :-)

    HC -

    Darigaz to Cow farmer from Shepard

    Alternity to Maternity Test Giver

    Smoke for last night... oh! jk ;-)

    Bullseye for surviving always being the target

    Straid - promotion to Rib Chef

    Gsbet - well, just because we miss the creak ;-)

    Officers -

    IMPORTANT EDIT *** KALO - Kalo has been on for quite a long time now, and always extremely active, helpful, and starting the Adopt A Noob tournament. He's got one of the most level heads in the clan, and is always positive.

    Highdra- (provided Highdra makes his online account) - I nominate Highdra for the promotion to the rank of Officer, considering his level headed responses, lack of love of toxicity, GM abilities, constant coaching and availability of Legion as well as recruitment, even though he isn't in the "clan" aspect. His longevity spanning some months now also brings merit to this IMO.

    KCal - Though continuing the trend of younger, higher ranked ragers (like Gsbet - Zing!) KCal is always involved in virtually everything we do. His leadership is great, his casting has been a tremendous help, keeping an eye out in troublesome situations, and overall motivation to help nudge others to do things as well (extremely important ;-) )... The list would be pretty extensive, so generally, that is my logic for this recommendation. * Also, Legion Cup.

    Casting, SC2, Tournaments, D+D.. and his attendance is impeccable, especially being a very studious college student.

    Rendevous - "Sometimes its good!" Ren aka OnlyChromie , the Italian Stalian, is always active in the SC2, availible to coach, and generally just a positive person.. He is literally on more than I am in Discord... :-) Casting, SC2, Tournaments, Dispute Settlement... Oh, and he's representing us all the way down in Brazil.

    PickleRick - Morty! I recommend the Pickle for promotion for his activity in the SC2 community, helpfulness of others, and contributions to the clan for suggestions, in addition to his very eager attitude to try to continue to move Legion along in the future. Co-casting, SC2, Tournaments

    LizardKing - What can't we say about LizardBoy... he's a beautiful human being, (oh and sorry for touching your leg..) - anyway when L.K. isn't busy he's always eager to do anything to help us, and definitely takes time to play with everyone, and coach / spar... His Casting is amazing, and his designs for Overlays and various other graphics have been amazing... We are very fortunate to have someone as multifaceted and talented as LizardKing!

    DarkBlood - Lurking in the shadows, he licks a toad and... oof! Feels promotion worthy, man... DarkBlood, though a bit busier from IRL lately, still is always coming up with ideas, always trying to be involved, and most importantly a great dose of comedic relief and positivism to keep the clan rolling... a good Troll. ;-) My dude definitely deserves a promotion.

    FerdaA1dZ aka Karlooni - Karlooni's comedy, activity in various games and platforms, positivism, drunken shenanigans - and being a fun guy, he puts the definition of officer in there.

    Members -

    Tinc - though usually avoiding crowded rooms, Tinc is, and has been active for the entirety of his time at Legion. He is very active in Magic, and SC2, and even met up with Iron in a Magic Tournament IRL! He is always eager to play with people in 2s with his interesting play style and great skill... otherwise he's very entertaining and positive, always ready to give suggestions.

    Recommendation - Officers

    ReadyToBurn AKA Baki - Baki's B@#$ A@# needs a big dick promotion... between his activity, helpfulness, comedy and gangsta attitude (on the outside, he's really just a big softy) I'd recommend ReadyToBurn be promoted to Officers. **** He Defected from LIT to Call Legion his home, though he claims not to care, he wouldn't be here if he didn't have fun ;-) Additionally, despite his tough guy attitude he is pretty level headed.

    Shadow - This young man has been very active and overall positive in the clan for a young buck... Shadow has been with us for a long while, and well deserving of a promotion from his activity and eagerness. Recommendation - Officers

    SenorButts - Very, very, active in the SC2 branch... from availability to everything, always offering coaching and tips, and mild mannered attitude for a Kangaroo Slayer from Down Under, SeniorButts represents Legion in Australia! Very level headed, and kind.

    ScubaSteve - He always is active, and ready to help, always a ball buster... but - MOST IMPORTANTLY he DEFECTED FROM dLIFE eSports to join us. Level headed, easy going until he loses :-)

    Eons - Brand new, but extremely helpful and forthcoming - former Masters now Diamond or not... he's a great, positive, level headed easy going O.G. (not Legion O.G., but still) that is greatly needed.

    YumRicexp - New to the clan, very eager and trying to be involved.

    DroolCup - Our new D1 approaching M3 Terran, she is very helpful to other members, and already extremely active.

    - DaveTesta

    "You just can't grasp the OP-ness of Highdra!"

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