Gsbet's status report 9-15-19

  • As of the start of the month this is what I have been doing.

    1: Created a forum so that we can concisely post our social media links.

    2: Created a Challonge community so that tournaments can more easily be ran by the staff of legion and will be recognizably made ran by us .

    3: Recruitment on Top-tier practice and SC2.

    4. Ran Legion cup with Kcal, and the best volunteers i could ask for: Smoke, Bullseye, and Dave Testa.

    5. Ran and played in D&D campaigns.

    6. Helping Darkblood set up Blizzcon watch party.

    7. Ran the clan meeting.

    8. Voted in all polls in the HC forums to date.

    9. Coached some of the new players in sc2.

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