Promote Davetesta ,Loyal_gsbet and Smoke

  • The reasons that i think we should promote these people are because DaveTesta really tries to help legion grow not just as a clan but as a community he tries his best to get people talking and having fun joking around he always tries to keep everyone involved and together. he is very social and helps legion work together better. Sure he may mess up now and then but he is always truly sorry for his mistakes and cares deeply for legion and its people.

    Loyal_gsbet Should be promoted because he also tries to talk and have fun with people he almost always has a input to try keep a conversation going and he (I believe) tries his best to schedule events for the clan. and Smoke he should be promoted because he always tries to keep the clan in order his best and he just maintains peace and order really Smoke is not such an outgoing guy from what i remember (not so great memory) but he is very friendly ////(Formatting is messed up for some reason)