READ ME: Membership Guidelines

  • Recruitment Requirements

    All recruits must do the following:

    1) Post introduction in introduction forum

    2) Reply to the latest roll call (if its closed wait for a new one)

    *If you reply to the roll call and you set an avatar, you will receive immediate promotion to private first class . If all you do is reply to roll call you will be set to recruit.

    *Members who do not reply to roll call (assigned recruit or private first class rank) will be removed from the website. Roll call is about once every two months.

    Member RequirementS

    Members are required to do the following to remain in the clan:

    -Post an intro and post to every roll call

    -Abide by the code of conduct

    Members are also highly encouraged to do the following:

    -Remain active on discord

    -Post threads and replies on the forum

    -Recruit new members to the clan

    -Contribute to member coaching or event coordination

    -Remain active in game of choice

    -Donate to clan patreon account

    -Contribute to community growth in any way (graphics, advertising, etc)

    Rank System:

    The Legion uses a rank system which helps us gauge which members are participating in the community the most. By remaining active in the community in a variety of ways, you will climb through the ranks. The following rank tiers make up our community ranks:

    -Enlisted (recruits and new members with few forum posts/name recognition)

    -Officer (active members with a good reputation in the community, often these members have mod permissions)

    -High Council (active members with reputation in the community, these members play an administrator role in the community)

    -O.G. (the OG badge is for members who are inactive/retired from activity, but have a long history within the community, they are not required to reply to roll calls or maintain any activity, but they also have no admin/mod permissions)

    Community-Wide Emails:

    About once every 2 months we conduct a roll call and send a mandatory community wide email to all members of the community. By joining the clan you are giving your consent to receive these emails. If you have not been removed from the clan and wish to be, please send a direct message to Darigaz either via the website or discord.


    Our discord admins include members of the high council and select officers.

    Please try to match the username you use on our website with the username you use on discord, as this makes things less confusing to members and admins. To change your nickname right click your discord username and click "change nickname"

    Please keep all chat and voice to their respective channels


    To ensure the survival of the clan even as we grow, we try to encourage donations to the operating cost. Please consider donating to our patreon account.The account is public and used for clan events and clan expenses only.

  • Darigaz

    Changed the title of the thread from “READ ME: Membership Policies” to “READ ME: Membership Guidelines”.