Awards - Post your ideas

  • I will be implementing awards into the forum soon. These will be special icons which display on your profile. Before we work on this I wanted to get feedback on a few things:

    1) Design. These will most likely be displayed on your profile post bit. Would you like a military style medal? A trophy? etc.

    2) Type. Here is my current list.


    -Sc2 Leadership

    -D+D Leadership


  • Would there be different ranks for these "rewards"? such for the number of people you recruit, or the amount you donate, or for how long you have been a positive influence on the game in question. Maybe even a years with clan icon.

    I think you should do something game specific if that is within your model. So for instance in SC2 we could have one reward icon be an overlord for organizing an event and you can upgrade it into an overseer, and then into the Hivemind the more you organize events.

  • I think Military Style Medals with tiers depending on the number of recruits and Donations made.

    The Leadership labeling could be an additional Tagging on the profile like where it would say "COMMANDER" or "CAPTAIN" you could have it say the special position like "D&D Leadership". Or we could add it as a Labeling/Tag under the military ranks if that is possible... Not sure what is actually possible.

  • Could do it full military style and do ribbons. Idk how hard it would be to make the ribbon graphics or whatever but you can give ribbons for clan war participation (like a campaign ribbon for the military)

    Recruitment ribbon could be awarded for a certain number of recruits and then do additional stars to the ribbon for each additional level

    Can create a general purpose ribbon award for people who are going above and beyond in ways that existing awards dont necessarily cover.

    Coaching ribbons as well. Would probably need to be based on remarks/recommendation from trainees

    Ribbons for leagues within certain games.

    Can go on and on and on

    Would love a tear drop graphic on my profile for every clan war match victory as well but we dont need to go full prison style i suppose ;)