• Hello Legion!

    As we have been working on ways to get back in gear, and get everyone together, Smoke has made us a YouTube Channel as you may have seen.

    Consequently, to help with the process of getting videos uploaded, etc. I made an FTP share (will be working on an upload form for your convenience) to upload your replays.

    It is located at: http://www.davetesta.com/legion

    At the moment, it is not on secure FTP, etc. but please message me for the FTP login information.

    When you use it, please create a folder with your username under the parent folder (e.g. "sc2, DandD, Apex, etc.)

  • Thanks to everyone who has been keeping the ship afloat.

    I'm adding to my list to make the youtube channel more obviously linked from the site, and for FTP I guess members can just keep coordinating with you Testa unless we think of a better collaborative solution.

    Planning to tackle the list (which also includes some site fixes, promotions, etc) before June 1.

    For member reference here are a few of my immediate concerns:

    -Coming up with more incentives for being active in the clan and website (medals for example)

    -Adding more content to the website (ill add back the discord widget we had before, but a page for youtube videos will probably also be added, ill also look into possible solutions for hosting replays on the site). I know there is also a clan war feature available build into this forum software, but it costs something like $30, maybe more so i think ill wait on that.

    -In general encouraging members to be active on website. Also encouraging recruitment. I would say hands down even for an extremely active clan the most neglected and also most important aspect of growth is recruitment.

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