Anime recommendations?

  • I've been itching for a good anime, I haven't watched any in a while. What streaming services you guys use?

    Here are some I've watched and liked before.

    Gurren Lagann

    Nurarihyon: rise of yokai

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel

    Overlord( I like this one a lot, its very D&D I think)

    Saint Saiya

    Full Metal Alchemist

    Ninja Scroll Gaiden

    Ghost in a Shell

    Ultraman (new one on Netflix)

    Devilman (new one on Netflix)

    Gundam 00


    King's Avatar(This one is from China's Tencent group, its about e-sports, its pretty good, hopefully there will be more animes coming out of China)

    Voltron ( The new Netflix one, although its American, its really an anime, all the production had Japanese sounding names) Recommend!

  • Hero Academia

    One Punch Man

    Attack on Titan (do not watch the live action movie, It sucks)

    Mob Psycho

    If you liked Naruto then you should watch Baruto

    Dragonball Z and Dragonball Super ;-)

    I am sure there are a ton more I have seen/watch, but you have already named a lot of them. If I think of more I will post back

  • hunter x hunter

    rising of the shield hero

    black clover

    berserk (the original one)

    death note

    I know a LOT of others that im just too lazy to think of right now. For streaming there is crunchy roll, vrv, kissanime (lots of popups though but its free)

  • Death Note was a great one. Live action movie wasnt bad either...

    Black Clover could be better. The main character is very annoying. In constant yelling mode in all his lines.

    The others I have seen as well and are entertaining. Berserk was also good.

  • I love anime here are my recommendations:

    Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is a new anime this season and I am really Enjoying it

    Orange: This is a romantic slice of life but its the best of the genre IMO.

    Elfin Lied: This anime is one of my all time favs.

    Cowboy Beep bop: A classic. It has the best anime Dub and the only dub I prefer over the sub.

    Overlord: Probably the best Isekai we have gotten

    Psycho-pass: A great dystopian anime with reall good characters.

    Rainbow: Nisha Rokubō no Shichinin: One of my top 3 animes of all time IMO

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica: This has a great story. Don't worry this anime is not what is seems at first glance.

  • Can vouch for these 3....really good anime (demon slayer is a new series that isn't finished so far but is pretty enjoyable so far). I watched the original overlord twice that is how good it was.

  • Bleach

    Gintama (comedy anime)

    Saiki (also a comedy anime)

    Code Geass (im not the biggest mecha fan but if you like MC's with big brains its good to watch)

    Hajimi no Ippo

    Monster (super mind fuckey anime....was awesome)

    Violet Evergarden (I'll admit it....I cried)

    Claymore (started off slow but was REALLY good)


    Baki (i dont like the newest one but the older ones were sweet and had sickkkk fighting scenes)

    One Outs (if you like being on the edge of your seat)