Question and Opinions/suggestions

  • Hey fellow HC members.

    I was wondering, Darigaz, if I could have ability to move posts into the correct sections like the Promotion thread for Gsbet into the right areas and anything that needs additional moderation.

    We need the D&D section in our squads and move the D&D thread there. Seems we will be running this weekly on Saturdays.

    Also, I really think we should consider for promotion Gsbet, DaveTesta, and Ironshirt for promotion. Gsbet is very active and putting a lot of work into D&D and our SC2 section. Ironshirt, I think should be an officer for his activity and efforts with SC2 and joining our other games like D&D. Then DaveTesta, should at least be moved up a rank or two for his activity and his honest desire to help the clan.


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  • Thanks for the info. Here is the list of stuff i need to deal with, posting here since it will help me keep track.

    1) Tweak permissions so HC members have better forum admin permissions

    2) Add missing rank image for "colonel" to rank list in admin panel

    3) Rank promotions via member feedback

    4) Add D+D forum

    5) Prune roster via roll call and send email blast to all members

    6) Play more sc2 and recruit more