REAM ME: Code Of Conduct


    ** The HC may edit this at any time and members are encouraged to check this document periodically.


    Officers may kick members from channels with a warning. Officers may also initiate a Dispute Process (see below) in the event of a conflict between members.


    HC members may ban members from channels. HC members also oversee all management aspects of the community as a whole.


    If at any time an officer or HC member feels you are out of line or at risk of a ban, they may kick you from the channel or chat with a warning. The officer or HC member should be clear with you about why you were kicked.

    The following are kickable offenses:

    • Poor mic quality
    • Excessive volume (yelling)
    • Excessive profanity
    • Unrelated discussion
    • Excessive use of CAPS LOCK
    • Spam


    If any officer sees a member who is engaging in a bannable offense, they should report the member to an HC member, at which point the HC member may initiate a ban. The following are bannable offenses:

    • Muted, banned, or otherwise flagged by / Blizzard (if you feel this has been done for a nefarious reason you may submit an appeal to HC)
    • Intentional spamming of chat, voice, or forum after warnings
    • Bullying:
      If a member habitually seeks to harm or intimidate another member through chat or call interactions, this will be viewed by the officers and HC as bullying and is a bannable offense.


    If a member occasionally pokes fun at another member in good spirit and both members are having fun, this can be considered trolling and is not a bannable offense. If you want another member to stop trolling you, just tell them to stop trolling you. If they keep trolling you after you have asked them to stop, this may be considered bullying.

    • Excessive politics, profanity, racism, sexism, any(ism) after warnings. If you get into an argument with someone about anything take it to a private chat.
    • Failure to successfully resolve dispute process (specified below) with any other member.
    • Failure to adhere to rules after 2 or more kicks

    Dispute Process

    If any member has a dispute with another member, or if two or more officers feel a dispute process is needed for members, the following protocol should be followed...

    1) Contact an officer about the dispute. The officer will pull you into a private chat with the member.

    2) In the private chat, state your dispute. The officer will then ask the other member to state their side of the story.

    3) The officer will consult with other officers if needed, and will offer a resolution where you can both get along. The officer will ask you both to agree to the resolution.

    4) If both members don't agree to the resolution, the officer will paste the private chat logs (of above steps 1-3) to a member of the HC.

    5) The HC member may offer a new resolution, or ban one or both members.

    Ban Appeal

    If you feel you have been wrongly banned, you must first find at least one Officer who is willing to submit your appeal. In your appeal, clearly explain why you feel you were wrongly banned, and if you feel there is anywhere you can improve as a member of the community please also include that information.

    The officer may submit your appeal to the HC, at which point the HC will decide whether to lift the ban.

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