Members are encouraged to refer to the member manual whenever questions about community structure come up. The High Council reserves the right to revise this manual at any time.

    • RANKS


    ** The HC may edit this at any time and members are encouraged to check this document periodically.


    Officers may kick members from channels with a warning. Officers may also initiate a Dispute Process (see below) in the event of a conflict between members.


    HC/AC members may ban members from channels. H/AC members also oversee all management aspects of the community as a whole.


    If at any time an officer or HC member feels you are out of line or at risk of a ban, they may kick you from the channel or chat with a warning. The officer or HC member should be clear with you about why you were kicked.

    The following are kickable offenses:

    • Disruptive Poor mic quality
    • Disruptive Excessive volume (yelling)
    • Disruptive Excessive profanity
    • Disruptive unrelated discussion
    • Disruptive Excessive use of CAPS LOCK
    • Disruptive Spam


    All bans also qualify for kick depending on severity. If any officer sees a member who is engaging in a bannable offense, they should report the member to an HC/AC member, at which point the HC/AC member may initiate a ban. HC Vote is required for a ban unless the ban is required to protect the integrity of the server (e.g. the server is being spammed).

    The following are bannable offenses:

    • Muted, banned, or otherwise flagged by Battle.net / Blizzard (if you feel this has been done
    • or a nefarious reason you may submit an appeal to HC)
    • Intentional spamming of chat, voice, or forum after warnings
    • Bullying:

      If a member habitually seeks to harm or intimidate another member through chat or call interactions, this will be viewed by the officers and HC as bullying and is a bannable offense.


    If a member occasionally pokes fun at another member in good spirit and both members are having fun, this can be considered trolling and is not a bannable offense. If you want another member to stop trolling you, just tell them to stop trolling you. If they keep trolling you after you have asked them to stop, this may be considered bullying.

    • Excessive politics, profanity, racism, sexism, any(ism) after warnings. Endangering members with misinformation or threats. If you get into an argument with someone about anything take it to a private chat.
    • Failure to successfully resolve dispute process (specified below) with any other member.
    • Failure to adhere to rules after 2 or more kicks

    Dispute Process

    If any member has a dispute with another member, or if two or more officers feel a dispute process is needed for members, the following protocol should be followed...

    1) Contact an officer about the dispute. The officer will pull you into a private chat with the member.

    2) In the private chat, state your dispute. The officer will then ask the other member to state their side of the story.

    3) The officer will consult with other officers if needed, and will offer a resolution where you can both get along. The officer will ask you both to agree to the resolution.

    4) If both members don't agree to the resolution, the officer will paste the private chat logs (of above steps 1-3) or give a summary of the dispute to the High Council.

    5) The HC members may offer a new resolution, or ban one or both members.

    Ban Appeal

    If you feel you have been wrongly banned, you may contact an HC member to submit your appeal. In your appeal, clearly explain why you feel you were wrongly banned, and if you feel there is anywhere you can improve as a member of the community please also include that information.

    The officer may submit your appeal to the HC, at which point the HC will decide whether to lift the ban.


    Ranks are a symbol of your participation in the clan over time. Your rank is assigned on the website, and includes a military-style graphic for your rank. Ranks are not a reflection of your current activity or power/authority , but are rather a representation of your historic effort and attachment to the clan. As you remain active in the community, your fellow members will recommend you for rank promotion. The High Council in tandem with the Advisory Council makes decisions on promotions. Promotions take place once every few months.

    View ranks/rank hierarchy here.


    Roles determine your active role in the community, and unlike ranks are more related to your immediate powers/authority in the clan and less symbolic of your historic contribution to the clan.


    Rank: Unranked

    A guest only has access to General, Spam, Twitch, and a few other discord channels. To receive access to all channels you must post an intro on the website. HC/AC members may assign you to trial member if you want temporary access to try the clan out before joining.


    Rank: Recruit

    A trial member has 10 days of access to discord channels. After 10 days, if they have not posted an intro on the website they will be automatically demoted to guest.


    Rank: Enlisted to Chief Officer 4

    A member has joined the website and has access to regular discord channels. The only member requirement for being in Legion is following the code of conduct. We also occasionally post roll calls on the website to gauge member activity, but these roll calls are not required.


    Rank: Unranked

    An honorary members is a discord member who is unable or unwilling to become an official member, but provides significant value to the community. They receive regular discord access but may be restricted to certain channels.

    Examples: high profile streamers, pro players, grandmaster coaches


    Rank: Second LT to Major

    An Officer is a Legion member who has shown significant activity. Officers are in charge of moderating members and also helping to keep the clan active through activities.


    Rank: Colonel to Commander

    The High Council is the head group of administrators in the community. They determine the direction of the community and handle any administrative requirements like ban decisions, promotions, and infrastructure development. All clan decisions that require authority are voted upon by the high council, and the high council makes decisions by majority vote. The HC will almost always turn to the Advisory Council (AC), using the AC vote to better inform administrative decisions. But AC vote is not required for the HC to vote on a decision.

    *The High Council is made up of Founders, Legends, and HC members


    Rank: Captain to Major

    The Advisory Council is a second layer of the High Council. These are select officers who have been chosen to advise the High Council, and participate in the High Council discord, High Council meetings, and most HC votes. The Advisory Council are the primary leaders of the Officers, and are in charge of making sure every Officer is a member of a department.


    Rank: Founder

    Founders have no decision power outside of the HC vote/leadership mechanisms already built in. The only thing "Founders" designates is that these members own the website/discord and founded the clan. Founders may still participate in HC votes and meetings, but do not have activity requirements.

    *Founders and Legends still often participate/vote in High Council meetings.


    Rank: Colonel to Commander

    A Legend is an HC/AC member who has participated in the HC/AC for 12+ months but is no longer active. These members have no activity requirements. These members participate in all HC/AC channels, may participate in meetings, but are not required for an HC-vote decision (though their feedback is always considered).

    *Founders and Legends still often participate/vote in High Council meetings.


    -The clan bank will be evenly split among all departments. Balance updated here periodically.

    -Each department makes decisions by majority vote, with the High Council having veto rights.

    -One department head (HC member) per department, who leads and chooses frequency of department meetings.

    -Current Limit of 1-2 deparment per member.

    -Officers are each required to join one department, members are encouraged but not required to join departments


    Goals: Improve events, caster coordination, prize pools, stream activity, video activity, social media activity


    Goals: Improve member greetings, recruitment incentives, coaching incentives, recruitment activities, advertising, marketing


    Goals: Improve discord, web assets, merch, graphics, community structure


    One HC member leads each department. To check your department head, read the pinned messages in your department discord channel.



    All recruits must do the following:

    1) Post introduction in introduction forum


    Members are required to do the following to remain in the clan:

    -Post an intro

    -Abide by the code of conduct, and refer to the member manual

    Members are also highly encouraged to do the following:

    -Reply to latest roll call

    -Remain active on discord

    -Post threads and replies on the forum

    -Recruit new members to the clan

    -Contribute to member coaching or event coordination

    -Remain active in game of choice

    -Donate to clan patreon account

    -Contribute to community growth in any way (graphics, advertising, etc)


    Community Emails

    About once every 2 months we conduct a roll call and send a mandatory community wide email to all members of the community. By joining the clan you are giving your consent to receive these emails. If you have not been removed from the clan and wish to be, please send a direct message to Darigaz either via the website or discord.


    All members may join 1-2 departments. It is optional for members to join departments. Officers are required to join at least one department. Departments are the creative hubs where HC/AC members coordinate with Officers/Members on projects within the clan. Members are highly encouraged to join a department, and participating in departments will help you gain rank/role in the clan.


    Please refer to the member manual to better understand ranks and roles. Roles determine your active role in the community. Ranks symbolize your historic participation in the community.


    Officers make up our most active members who have demonstrated significant contribution to the communtiy. These members should work within our departments in order to stand out to the AC and HC.


    • Attend any Officer/HC meetings (do not miss more than 3 consecutive meetings)
    • Join/participate in at least one department
    • Participate in voice channels at least once per 2 weeks
    • Participate in chat channels at least once per 2 weeks
    • Help moderate the community and prevent code of conduct violations


    AC members are a part of the High Council, but are not required for HC vote. Although they are not required for HC vote, AC members are almost always involved in HC decisions and votes.


    • Attend any HC meetings or HC/Officer meetings (do not miss more than 3 consecutive meetings)
    • Join/participate in at least one department
    • Participate in voice channels at least once per 1 week
    • Participate in chat channels at least once per 1 week
    • Help admin/mod the community and prevent code of conduct violations
    • Make sure all Officers are in a department
    • Coordinate with Officers and brdige gap between Officers and HC
    • Help HC vote on decisions and advise HC on decisions


    High Council members are active leaders in the clan and coordinate directly with the AC on directional leadership of the clan. In decisions that require a vote, HC vote will be the deciding factor. Therefore the High Council has the primary deciding factor within the clan.

    The High Council almost always includes Advisory Council in decisions.


    -Attend all HC Meetings, HC/AC Meetings, and HC/Officer Meetings (do not miss more than 3 consecutive meetings)

    -Participate in all HC Decision Polls which take place on the website (do not miss more than 3 consecutive decision polls)

    -Post monthly status report in the HC Status report discord (do not miss more than 3 consecutive status reports)

    -Participate in voice channels at least once per week

    -Participate in chat channels at least once per week


    -Post HC decision polls

    -Vote in HC decision polls

    -Help admin and moderate

    -Provide leadership

    -Lead departments


    A meeting will take place on discord voice once every few months. The meeting structure is as follows:

    1) An HC agenda will be drawn up.

    2) The HC/AC will meet around the agenda and perform any necessary votes.

    3) The HC will meet alone and perform any necessary votes.

    **A different HC member will lead the meeting on a rotational basis.


    Typically the HC should turn to the AC when making votes, and include them in the vote.

    If you are interested in seeking HC approval on an action, for a quick decision you may post a poll to the website decision polls forum and link the thread to your colleagues, or for a deliberated decision you may post the action for discussion in an upcoming HC meeting. HC consensus requires a majority vote. For example, with 8 HC members, a majority vote is 5 votes. Remember that if you are wondering if something needs HC approval, play it safe and post a poll in the HC forum.

    All new squads, major clan events, and discord channel prunes/adds must be approved by the HC before they are announced to the clan or take place within the clan.

    A "new squad" is if at least 10+ members are interested in the squad, and a new public discord channel is required for the group of members.

    If less than 10 members are interested in a squad, the HC may create a private channel for the members until the group has 10+ members and it therefore qualifies as a new squad.

    A "major clan event" is any non routine event which is planned to involve 10+ members (number subject to change with clan growth), and is out-of game from a specific squad.


    A meeting will take place on discord voice once every four months with Officers and HC/AC. The meeting structure is as follows:

    1) An HC/AC/Officer agenda will be drawn up

    2) The HC/AC/Officers will meet around the agenda, performing any necessary votes.

    **A different AC member will lead the meeting on a rotational basis.

    Please try to match the username you use on our website with the username you use on discord, as this makes things less confusing to members and admins. To change your nickname right click your discord username and click "change nickname"

    Please keep all chat and voice to their respective channels


    Once every 2-4 months roster pruning will take place where the HC will work together to demote Officers, promote Officers, and assign roles.


    Once every 2-4 months rank promotions will take place based on member promotion nominations and Officer/HC/AC sentiment.


    Hc vote will be required to assign new AC members, HC members, or Legends

    Honorary Members may be assigned by any AC/HC member.


    Legends are quasi-active or retired HC members. They do not need to follow HC activity requirements. They participate in HC activities. They are not required for but may participate in HC votes.


    Founders are the HC members who founded the clan. They do not need to follow HC activity requirements. They are not required for most HC votes unless the vote is infrastructure related.

    *Generall Legends/Founders will still participate in votes when able, and these rules may be relied upon in the event of a gridlock.


    If you cannot follow the Member Requirements, Officer Requirements, AC Requirements, or HC Requirements due to temporary or extended activity changes, please post in the leave of absense thread about your inactivity and when you expect to be back.

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