New Members Start Here

Updated 6/13/2020


1- Join the discord. When you join the discord you will automatically be given "Trial Member" status

2- Register on the website here.

3) Post an introduction on the website in the introductions forum.


Members are required to do the following to remain in the clan:

-Post an intro

-Abide by the code of conduct

-Have an account on the discord

Members are also highly encouraged to do the following:

-Reply to latest roll call (these are occasionally posted on the forum)

-Remain active on discord voice/chat channels

-Post threads and replies on the forum

-Recruit new members to the clan

-Contribute to member coaching or event coordination

-Remain active in game of choice

-Donate to clan patreon account

-Contribute to community growth in any way (graphics, advertising, etc)


The Legion uses a rank system which help gauge the historic contribution of members.

A members rank is not a function of their current activity, but rather historic contribution to the clan.

The following rank tiers make up our community ranks:

-Trial Member








-O.G. (retired members with long history in the community)

View the ranks page to view ranks in more detail.


Roles are a function of a members current activity in the clan, and are assigned on discord.

Trial Member (temporary 10 day access to channels, post intro to join)

Member (permanent access to channels)

Enlisted (member showing good activity)

Officer (helps discord moderation)

Advisory Council (works with officers/high council)

High Council (head admins)

Legend (inactive or retired HC)

Founder (creators of the community)


If there is an important piece of news we occasionally send an email to members of the community.

By joining the clan you are giving your consent to receive these emails.

If you have not been removed from the clan and wish to be, please send a direct message to Darigaz either via the website or discord.


Please try to match the username you use on our website with the username you use on discord, as this makes things less confusing to members and admins. To change your nickname, right click your discord username and click "change nickname"

Please keep all chat and voice to their respective channels, and abide by the code of conduct in all channels.

Join the discord here.


To ensure the survival of the clan even as we grow, we try to encourage donations to the operating cost. Please consider donating to our patreon account.The account is public and used for clan events and clan expenses only.

Feel free to view the member manual for more in depth information on our community structure.